In our engineering department we do thermal design for shell and tube heat exchangers, mechanical design for pressurized equipment, prepare shop drawings and expedite our projects. Our expert mechanical, process, draftsmen and project control teams are working together to offer efficient solutions in shortest possible time.
We hold a holistic view in design of heat exchangers and process equipment and consider all factors that would contribute to longer life, better performance and easier maintenance. In first steps we determine the affecting corrosion / erosion mechanisms and operational and maintenance considerations and translate them into requirements for our design, material procurement and manufacturing. 
Following thermal design assumptions in our mechanical design and during manufacturing and resolving the interconnecting issues between them in one team, ensures us that the equipment would operate as expected during operation.
Our mechanical engineers and draftsmen acquired great experience about different types of equipment and designs in lots of petrochemical plants and refineries during last 20 years and can offer best details and solutions for your issues at hand.
Our engineering team is experienced and very capable of conducting FEA analysis in complete accordance with ASME SEC.VIII Div2, part5 (design by analysis) and also Level 3 ASME FFS-1.
Deep knowledge of supplementary standards and industry good practices such as TEMA, HEI and different API standards, etc. enables us to tailor our designs so that our equipment would stand critical applications in oil and gas and petrochemical industries.
Besides technical knowledge, delivering quality products requires mobilizing people, resources and facilities. Our Planning and Project Control department schedules, plans and keep project activities on track to ensure in time deliveries. To this end, we have implemented current project management tools, software, and developed real time data analysis and gathering systems.

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Design By Analyssis - FEA Modeling of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger TubeSheet



  • Thermal Design of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

    To ensure adequate heat transfer capacity and well performance of shell and tube heat exchangers, Pidemco conducts thermal analysis explicitly. Our years of experience and latest design software accompanied by our world leading partners makes us confident to provide full performance guarantee for our results. We use HTFS, HTRI, HETRAN along with our experiment and know-how to perform thermal calculations.
  • Mechanical Calculation

    Pidemco designers have first-hand experience of design codes and standardsis and are equipped with latest versions of software to do the strength calculations for all kinds of pressurized fixed equipment. Knowing the rules and key parameters by heart enables our engineers to optimaize the designs.
    We do our calculations by  standard codessuch as Asme Sec VII Div1, Asme Sec VII Div2, Asme Sec I, PD5500 and implement TEMA R,C requirements for shell and tube heat exchangers.
    Also we have latest versions of software to conduct and provide calculations to our customers: PVElite, Aspen B-jac, Compress, Auto-vessel Bentley.
  • Design by Analysis

    We consider ourselves one of the most qualified companies to design and fabricate our equipment based on ASME SEC VIII Div.2 part 5 in Iran. Our designs has been endorsed by world leading companies in the field and we have completed great projects to date in this line of work. Our calculations envelopes Protection against : 
    -Plastic collapse 
    -Local Failure 
    -Collapse from Buckling 
    -Failure form Cyclic Loading (Fatigue analysis) 
    Relevantly we perform all Elastic stress, Limited Load and Elastic-Plastic stress analysis by Ansys and Nozzlepro.
  • Hydraulic Calculations for Process Equipment Internals

    It is vital for our clients to be sure about their process equipment performance, so Pidemco provides hydraulic calculations of all supplied internals for towers, columns and vessels and guarantees their hydraulic performance accordingly.
  • Design Standards

     ASME Sec VIII. Div1 Design of Pressurized equipment by closed loop rules and formulas 
     ASME Sec.VIII Div.2  Design equipment based on design by analysis methods
     TEMA  Manufacturing and design of shell and tube heat exchangers
     ASME FFS /API 579  Fitness for service assessment of pressurized equipment
     API 571  Damage Mechanisms Affecting Fixed Equipment in the Refining Industry
  • Softwares

    Code Calculations:
    PVElite, Aspen B-Jac, Compress, Bentley Autopipe Vessel, 
    FEA Analysis:
    Nozzlepro, Ansys
    Thermal Design:
    Aspen Hysys, HTRI
    CAD (2D,3D):
    Autocad, Invertor, Solid Works