Quality Control

The main goal of Q.A. management of Pidemco is that products to be produced and delivered to latest standards, codes and customer requirements. Therefore Pidemco has a regular and conditional plan for production so that from the beginning customer to be assured that needed products are produced ccording to the related standards and requirements. This method includes all processes such as supply raw materials, method of production, packing and delivery.
Finally Pidemco prepares final data book for customer. The said data book includes below items:
Quality Control Plan (QCP)
 Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) and Procedure Qualification Record (POR)
Dimension Report
NDT Reports (P.T., R.T., U.T., M.T., etc.)
Heat Treatment Report
Welder Qualification Report
Calibration Certificates
HydroStatic Test Report
As Built Drawings

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Quality Control

TOFD of Circumfrentioal Weld


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Ultrasonic Testing of Nozzle to Shell Weld


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