R & D

Since its establishment, Pidemco has been among the pioneers in many areas of fabrication of equipment and parts in Iran such as Heat exchangers, Industrial gaskets, Fire heaters, etc. In 2016 Pidemco was recognized as a "Knowledge Based Company" by Presidential Deputy for Science and Technology.
We find development of our company through deepening our knowledge, acquiring expertise and application of new manufacturing technologies rather just increasing our production capacity.
We are continuously obtaining operational data such as operational history, failure causes, affecting corrosion mechanisms, maintenance and repair considerations, etc. for the equipment we manufacture. We use this data, in addition to datasheets and specifications usually provided by clients, to determine the factors affecting equipment operation and maintenance. By translating this information into new requirements for design and manufacturing, we constantly enhance our deliveries’ longevity, serviceability and performance.

  • Transfer Line Exchanger

    Transfer Line Exchangers (TLEs) are of the most critical equipment in Olefin plants. Their performance in quenching exit gases from pyrolysis furnace is a main factor in cracking process. Complex design, high temperature and pressure and very high entrance flow velocity makes design and fabrication of these equipment quit intricate. Pidemco’s innovative fabrication method has introduced an equipment with enhanced performance and longevity.

    Transfer Line Exchanger
  • SO2 to SO3 Convertor (Outotec Lurec®)

    Pidemco manufactured the first SO2 to SO3 convertor with recirculation contact process technology of OUTOTEC (LUREC® system) in Iran. This 600 Tons (15 m x 30 m) equipment was modeled and designed by FEA analysis based on ASME SEC. VIII DIV2. Where consisting of 6000 parts, manufacturing this equipment required innovative fixtures and fit up methods to control weld distortions.

    SO2 to SO3 Convertor (Outotec Lurec®)
  • Welding

    Pidemco during years has acquiered required experience and knowledge of welding different alloys such as Stainless Steels, Copper-Nickle, Monel, Hastealloy,Brass, Duplex. In our last project we fabricated high pressure / temperature shell and tube heat exchangers from Cromoly gr.22 and reactors with Cromoly gr.11 materials. We incorporate automated, manual and various technologies(SAW,SMAW,TIG,ESW,GMAW) when appropriate to get the best results

  • Cladding

    We have obtained extensive knowhow and are continuously honing our expertise of cladding Stainless Steel, Monel, Copper-Nickle and brass alloys on Carbon steel and low alloy steel based metals. We incorporate ESW, SAW and Automated TIG (TIP-TIG) technologies to weld overlay parts with various shapes and sizes ranging from 2” to 300”.