Pidemco New Technical Book

Pidemco New Technical Book
Pidemco New Technical Book
Our engineers from engineering, fabrication and quality control departments gathered in order to share the experience and know-how obtained in manufacturing pressurized equipment with Low Alloy Steel 2 1/2 Cr 1 Mo material weld overlaid S.S.347 with our fellow industry professionals. Below please note the abstract:
The diesel is one of the largest contributors to environmental pollution problems worldwide. Recent changes in environmental norms worldwide have forced all major refineries in the world to produce oil with low sulfur level. Thus Heavy Wall Feed Effluent Heat Exchangers are being designed and manufactured as a vital part of DHT plant. They used to preheat gas oil (Diesel +H2) from in the shell side before entering the reactor preheater furnace and cool the treated feed (Diesel + H2 +H2S) in the tube side that is taken from the reactor discharge nozzle. The presence of hydrogen under very high pressure and high temperature creates potential situation for hydrogen disbanding and cracking. A way to protect exchangers from these harmful effect is using 2 ¼ Cr 1 Mo Gr-22 cladded with ss 347 steel plate with special manufacturing technologies.
The complexities of equipment and the design requirements made number of challenges in design, manufacturing technologies and fabrication methods. Some of the manufacturing technologies are:
1- Warm rolling plate & self- reinforced nozzle fit up.
2- Robotic internal bore weld overlay cladding and TIP TIG machine for GTAW of self- reinforced nozzles and pipes.
3- Precession beveling by portable milling machine.
4- Dissimilar metal joining.
5- Development of modular furnace (large capacity furnace) to avoid local heat treatment.
6-Final PWHT /consideration.
7- Various welding / cladding methods and technology SMAW/SAW/GTAW/ESW.
8-Hydro-Tests &clad-passivation of surface and pickling + drying +cleaning/N2 pressurizing.
9-NDT methods and effectiveness
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