Towers, Columns

Process towers(columns) are vertical (usually tall) apparatus in which distillation prcess takes place in refineries and (petro)chemical plants. They are designed to withstand combination of weight, wind, seismic loads in addition to internal (or external) pressure and temperature. Besides the comprehensive design, tight tolerances in fabrication is requires to allow for internals installation and assembly and integrity of column in upright condition.

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Towers, Columns

ISOMAx Tower, Client: Tehran Refinery Co, C.S.+ S.S.410 cladded, 110 Tons, 2005/06

stack nargan

Stack during shipping, Client: South Pars Gas Company, Phase 12, C.S. 260 Tons, Length 90m, 2011/12

ss tower

Quench Tower, Client: Tehran Refinery, S.S.316L, 40 Tons, 2009/10



  • Capacity

    Dia: 8m
    Length : 60m(one piece)
    Thickness: 100mm
    Weight: 200Tons(one piece) 
  • Our Experienced limits

    Dia: 8m
    Length : 90m
    Thickness: 32mm
    Weight: 260Tons
  • Standards



  • Material Range

    Carbon steel
    Low alloy steel( CroMoly gr.11,22, 9Chrom)
    Stainless Steel
  • Mechanical Design

    Mechanical design of Towers are done according to international and local codes and standards in order to ensure their safe operation. Whenever the code rules does not predict limits accurately we use FEA for part design and analysis.
  • Services

    Hydrogen Service, Sour service, caustic service

Featured Projects

90m stack - Phase 12 SPGC
90m stack - Phase 12 SPGC

Design, Fabrication and installation of 90 meters stack for SPGC Phase 12.

PTFE Lined Stack - Arvand Petrochemical Co.
PTFE Lined Stack - Arvand Petrochemical Co.

Re-design and fabrication of PTFE Lined stack